Future Plans


  1. Traditional Dances of Malaysia: with a volunteer from each of the Malay, Indian and Chinese communities for a series of workshops
  2. Healthy Food: talks and demonstrations by volunteers
  3. Handicraft: with volunteer instructors
  4. Home Health: talks and demonstrations on making the home healthy and tidy with little expense.
  5. English Language Club: basically conversation classes and showing videos of places and culture in other countries (such as Britain, the United States and the Commonwealth) also, if the need arises, how to speak at interviews.
  6. Malay Language and Culture
  7. Demonstration and promotion of Pahang food.
  8. Demonstration and promotion of personal grooming.
  9. Talk series on education, leadership qualities and good practice for healthy home.
  10. Junior Reader’s Club and activities to encourage reading.
  11. Encouraging traditional and classical music through Fraser’s Hill Music Festival.
  12. Collaboration with other NGOs to work for the preservation of local nature and environment, plants and wildlife.
  13. Collaboration with other community libraries within the country and abroad.