The Library

The library is in the centre of town, in the Tourist Complex located opposite the Puncak Inn, close to Scott's Pub, the golf course, the Clock Tower, the post office, the police station, the Government Clinic, souvenir shops, and the Shazan Hotel.

The Committee received a day's training from the Malaysian National Library on how to run a library and classify its books using the Dewey Decimal Classification. Three part-time university students were co-opted as assistants through one of the Friends of the Library to help process some 900 books. For the rest of the books, encyclopaedias and magazines, Zubaidah and assistant Noor Afizah completed the processing and labelling. Michael and the rest of the Committee saw to the physical arrangements of the premises. All of them, except the assistants, were volunteers.

The library is housed in a single large hall, flanked by the Golf Club office and the Squash Court. In the same building too, there is a restaurant to the back and the Bird Interpretive Centre, on the first floor.

There is a Library Assistant who will be happy to help visitors to find what they need in the library.